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Super Smash Bros. Crusade is a free-to-play fangame that features a wealth of content spanning video games of all genres and video game culture alike.  Duke it out with our take on some of your Smash favorites, or pick up one of Crusade's newcomers-- many of which we promise you won't find anywhere else. There's no shortage of content with fan-favorite single-player modes like Classic, Break the Targets, and Multi-Man Crusade, as well as up to six-player free-for-all and team matches that can be played locally or with your friends online using Radmin-VPN, or Parsec. The game is ever-expanding, and with each update will come some combination of new characters, stages, items, modes, and general improvements.

Crusade began development in 2008 by a team of brothers known as Falcon8r, Phantom7, and Dr.MarioX.  The first playable demo was released to the public on January 2nd, 2010.  Presently, the game is in the hands of a dedicated group of Smash fans seeking to deliver a unique experience.

Super Smash Bros. Crusade  - Full Credits:


Super Smash Bros Crusade 0.9.4a

Install instructions

Because of how the game's data is encrypted, it needs access to move files within the game directory. This may necessitate you whitelist Crusade in your anti-virus. This can result in invisible characters, among other issues.


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can't use controllers

i having trouble with the game cant unlock any new fighters each time i about to start a new fight with the fighter keeps going to black screen and saying 3 2 1 help me  


I would love to find the two characters in the game
- gohan 
- vegeta

one of the two have already been revealed being vegeta.

oh and can add trollface also? pls it was coooool (dev pls)


How do I unlock all the characters and stages at once?


would u add Sans? if u do i be really happy :)

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Sans Mod [Super Smash Bros. Crusade] [Mods] (gamebanana.com)

is a good subsite 

that was better not a mod but thanks

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we are working on a smash style fighting game and were wondering if we could use this engine as we love this above perfect fangame - starved n, hungry fighters' team


would u add adventure mode.

Could you, Pecan Pieo possibly add Kris the human from Deltarune to this game? Obviously if you got permission from the creator Toby Fox. Right?


but will you ever add a story mode?

hes not






Steve is copyrighted, so the creator might get sued and this would get deleted and we would not y have this masterpiece

you realize that every character is copyrighted?



Add Sans or Trollge please

it want get redesgin sonic plsssssssss


Add Tom Cruise please



I love Smash bros games

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If You Have a Stage From a Series That Did Not Have A Fighter Yet,

Why Not Just Add a Fighter For That Stage?

Also Why Not Fix These Shadows That Keep Showing In Background & Not The Stage Itself

I really like the game, pls I need a Renamon (digimon) and Mao or Raspberyl  (disgaea)

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nvm i just did not let it extract this is a good game


Is there any way to carry your data from one version to the other?


Is the download on mega fake?


When will the version of the games will be 0.9.5?

it just says file type not supported

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What Operating System you're using?

If you're using other OS besides "Windows", then there's nothing else I can do about that.


no luck buddy too bad this version does not support linux 

its chrome.os not linux

Chrome OS is literally a Linux distro lol

how do i play after downloading it?

this looks almost like super smash flash(NOT INSULTING!!!)

It looks more like Super Smash Flash 2 :)


I Have Flash 2 & Crusade & Ether way The Game Is Special


Hey guys! My name is CrusadeFanPro! Why didn't the version 0.9.5 of the game is released?


linux version wen

tf is goku here for???

Moveset potential also why not



bc everyone has been begging for goku in smash so that's why

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Unlocking Weegee Is Kinda Hard

I Know You can Use Continues But Its Is Kinda Hard

Depends on the version, I cannot no matter what for some reason.

Reposting this, tou gotta make your link a direct download in your manifest, https://itch.io/docs/itch/integrating/manifest.html to make it downloadable via the desktop tch.io client

If you're using google drive you need to convert it:


otherwise it won't work via the desktop app

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The game is wonderful, but it has some errors that can ruin games, for example Falco when he uses his Final Smash usually gets stuck with the ship and worst of all is that he becomes immune and never runs out of power, could you fix it?


this is cartoonishly underrated, you should make tiktok  vids too to advertise this. this deserve a lot of support.

why didn't i unlock everything in SSBC 0.9.4a

What Have You Unlocked So Far

how to detect controllers its not working

If it's not working, you must close the game, plug in your controller, wait for a few secs to set it up, and then re-launch the game

still didnt work anything else?

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I love the game, 10/10. Just one issue, how do i Fullscreen? I tried Alt+Enter, F11, Ctrl+F, and Ctrl+F11. I don't know what to do please help me :( 

Edit: Its's F4 bruh i forgor :skull:

You gotta make your link a direct download in your manifest, https://itch.io/docs/itch/integrating/manifest.html

If you're using google drive you need to convert it:


At the moment you can't download it from the itch.io client. Also, do you have a Discord?

than is there a way for me to download it or no?

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I really appreciated how hard they put work to this flash game, no cap bud I mean it..

It sure quite looks refreshing isn't it, ahh nostalgia.. Its art styles and sprites were used to be scuffed and poor, but now that it is revamped and looks shaded really nicely, no really... What if McLeodGaming hires these people in here?

how do i save progress?????

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