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Super Smash Bros. Crusade is a free-to-play fangame that features a wealth of content spanning video games of all genres and video game culture alike.  Duke it out with our take on some of your Smash favorites, or pick up one of Crusade's newcomers-- many of which we promise you won't find anywhere else. There's no shortage of content with fan-favorite single-player modes like Classic, Break the Targets, and Multi-Man Crusade, as well as up to six-player free-for-all and team matches that can be played locally or with your friends online using Radmin-VPN, or Parsec. The game is ever-expanding, and with each update will come some combination of new characters, stages, items, modes, and general improvements.

Crusade began development in 2008 by a team of brothers known as Falcon8r, Phantom7, and Dr.MarioX.  The first playable demo was released to the public on January 2nd, 2010.  Presently, the game is in the hands of a dedicated group of Smash fans seeking to deliver a unique experience.

Super Smash Bros. Crusade  - Full Credits:

Install instructions

Because of how the game's data is encrypted, it needs access to move files within the game directory. This may necessitate you whitelist Crusade in your anti-virus. This can result in invisible characters, among other issues.


Super Smash Bros Crusade 0.9.4a


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why didn't i unlock everything in SSBC 0.9.4a

how to detect controllers its not working

If it's not working, you must close the game, plug in your controller, wait for a few secs to set it up, and then re-launch the game

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I love the game, 10/10. Just one issue, how do i Fullscreen? I tried Alt+Enter, F11, Ctrl+F, and Ctrl+F11. I don't know what to do please help me :( 

Edit: Its's F4 bruh i forgor :skull:

You gotta make your link a direct download in your manifest, https://itch.io/docs/itch/integrating/manifest.html

If you're using google drive you need to convert it:


At the moment you can't download it from the itch.io client. Also, do you have a Discord?

than is there a way for me to download it or no?

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I really appreciated how hard they put work to this flash game, no cap bud I mean it..

It sure quite looks refreshing isn't it, ahh nostalgia.. Its art styles and sprites were used to be scuffed and poor, but now that it is revamped and looks shaded really nicely, no really... What if McLeodGaming hires these people in here?

how do i save progress?????

Absolutely wild, love it. So much work and talent on display. Gonna nut immediately and with abandon.

Mac silicon support please <3

i seriously hope this game gets controller support. cause i love thisg ame its fun!


This game already has controller support.

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I am getting a bug saying too many people have downloaded it is there a fix to this or should i just wait? Edit:Nvm i fixed it

does this game work with chromebook

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It's a very very Smashing game, but I have a request. Please, add some characters from Undertale, at least 2, if you know that game. So, this game will be REALLY very very Smashing.




What are the "System Requirements" for the latest version of Crusade?

plz put this browser cuz this is good AF

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i hate to be the bearer of bad news, but they cant do that, it would be an entire port/rewrite of how the game code  would work, and bugs would then overflow, which the weight of porting this would be too heavy  to hold.

Love this game, however, one of the challengers causes the game to freeze on a black screen. Is there any way to fix this? 

This is a great game! could t be possible to add conker, from conker's bad fur day?  


I have an issue, anytime I play a match, it says a new challenger is approaching, however it does not show the character's silhouette. The screen goes pitch black and the announcer says 3 2 1, and then the game freezes. Does anyone know what's happening? 

Q few things. What controllers are allowed for this? also when I load in the game its not even the full screen

Yo i downloaded it but its still the old version and i dont think im doing anything wrong.Bro i need help.

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Say what you want about Fire Emblem having a lot of characters in regular Smash Bros games I think series deserves at least another character besides Marth in this game maybe ones not playable in regular Smash Bros games like Hector or Lyn.

What engine you use to make this game?

I think they used Game Maker Studio

no maybe it gamemaker 6 or 7

It does run on Game Maker Studio actually

im wondering how many charas you plan on haveing in this fan game? i planning on checking it out id love to see how big you can make the roster of this.


please add steve OR ELSE

¿You guys has a Patreon or a thing like that? i would like donate a buck some time

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This is a non-profit fan project, we cannot accept monetary donations.  You can support us in other ways like discussing the game on social media, participating in our Discord server, following our other media outlets (YouTube, Twitter), etc.

Oh ok, you guys have done a great work in your fan-game!

Also; You guys have plans to rework and balance some characters? Waluigi feels very odd compared to others in the roster...

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Please port this to the Steam Deck this would be great on it.
Edit: This game is currently unplayable on latest Wine on Linux so if this could be ported that'd be amazing.

is vegeta in the game 

Deleted 24 days ago

you know this is the offical itch io right?


>Go to the official site of a fan-game
>Scared of being infected by a virus



This is the official page for the download, this is the safest place to download the update.  It's possible that other sites or downloads not run by us may include malicious files, so we recommend coming here for downloading the latest updates unless stated otherwise.

I know I have no power over you but please add sans undertale

thank you

The game has controller support?


I need help when I try and connect my nsw controller it doesnt work but it works for my xbox controller and I dont know whats going on.


Hello everyone, I wanted to know if you know how to solve an error that has been ruining my experience, you see, after finishing the classic or training mode, I get the alert again challenger but it does not show anything then the fight counter sounds but everything It stays black and I can't move anything, do you know how to fix this?

That also happened to me,  to fix it i only put the frameskip to none and it worked like intended


When will they add Shulk?

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is they gonna have a mac version?


I've been trying to get GameCube Controllers working with Crusade. The main issue is the left analog stick controls. In any normal Smash Bros game, you gently nudge the stick to walk, and move it up to jump.

"Walk Type: Analog" does no such thing. I'm dashing by default, no matter how far I move the stick, and I can't jump. I'm forced to hold down a Walk button and press a separate Jump button.

The game wouldn't let me change the Walk Type unless I switch to using the D-Pad for movement, just like on keyboard, but I'm still having the same issues.

Adjust the stick's sensitivity in the controls menu.

Can You Pls Add Eggman Or A BTD6 Monkey?


add dart monkey

I Think Druid Tho

How or where do i suggest stuff? I want to suggest Eggman to be in the game aswell

can i use a switch joycon lol

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The game is very good !, But I have a problem ... which is that every time I am going to play the Classic, Training or Multiplayer mode, most characters do not have sprites, I mean nothing comes out and sometimes they come out with the colors inverted , the only ones who are normal are Kirby and Tails, I would like to see if it is a problem of my PC or the game.

(I'm sorry if my English is bad, I'm using Google translator )


I suppose disabling the antivirus could help too

but just left click the .exe and "run as administrator" and you're good to go

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