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Super Smash Bros. Crusade is a free-to-play fangame that features a wealth of content spanning video games of all genres and video game culture alike.  Duke it out with our take on some of your Smash favorites, or pick up one of Crusade's newcomers-- many of which we promise you won't find anywhere else. There's no shortage of content with fan-favorite single-player modes like Classic, Break the Targets, and Multi-Man Crusade, as well as up to six-player free-for-all and team matches that can be played locally or with your friends online using Radmin-VPN, or Parsec. The game is ever-expanding, and with each update will come some combination of new characters, stages, items, modes, and general improvements.

Crusade began development in 2008 by a team of brothers known as Falcon8r, Phantom7, and Dr.MarioX.  The first playable demo was released to the public on January 2nd, 2010.  Presently, the game is in the hands of a dedicated group of Smash fans seeking to deliver a unique experience.

Super Smash Bros. Crusade  - Full Credits:


Super Smash Bros Crusade v0.9.5 Demo

Install instructions

Because of how the game's data is encrypted, it needs access to move files within the game directory. This may necessitate you whitelist Crusade in your anti-virus. This can result in invisible characters, among other issues.


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Chrome download?

this is a FUN game and ive played it alot of times

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bruh how do i fucken download this game, whenever i try to \download it it keeps saying “Sorry, you can’t view or download this file at this time.

Too many users have viewed or downloaded this file recently. Please try accessing the file again later. If the file you are trying to access is particularly large or is shared with many people, it may take up to 24 hours to be able to view or download the file. If you still can’t access a file after 24 hours, contact your domain administrator.” and i dont know what this means, can someone please help?

edit: due to the fact that i can download it now i take back all negative stuff that i said

It works for me right now. Maybe try again?

ok it works now, thx for telling me :3>

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nice game i love the weegee sprites and effort put in this game but the cpu is kinda bad tbh


fuck your game, cpu is fucked up i can't even touch any opponent basically the person who code the cpu in this trash is a bitch ,fuckin the cheap mortal kombat ai is better than this shit.also what kind of stupid score does this game have, it gave the cpu always above the player's score even if the player won no matter how you play this cheap game is fucking cheating.



The game just doesn't work well, It's becomes crazy at the main menu, I can't do anything


el juego está bien 10/10 pero creo que sería un poco mejor si añaden otros personajes. (en mi opinión)

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if professor layton added I will actually ascend



will there be mac soon?

i hope


i cant download this someone pls help me


1. get winrar or a similar file software

2.  download

3. extract

4. play

no I literally can't get it for some reason

I need more information. like what happens if you press install?

google doesn't let me [btw that was on windows im on Mac]

well no mac version yet sadly

stop beg for character.

gamecube controller support???

There is no native gc controller support. You'd have to install a another 3rd party software that converts gamecube inputs into readable mapping for windows (d-input).

plz add more character like Charizard,beerus,dk jr and more


This game can be played with controller of PS or need another keyboard? Because i was conected the controller of my PS4 and can´t move anything with that

You would have to go into the options settings (in-game) and change the controller type input to allow the appropriate controller.

Deleted 42 days ago


Yeah bro is not making it out alive

W game 10/10


Guys, this game improve alot. at start  this was just a normal game with 3/4 devs, 

now is a great team of devs, with bounce of mods and improve, i still likeable this game

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Hm may I just ask a simple question : 
Me and my friends try playing it online but we struggle because each time our game being stopped because we get disconnected, may anyone give us some help ? Because we tried multiples things like the VPN or Parsec but it kept disconnecting 

the custom folder in data does not appear

now i know there is no custom folder

i gotta wait 24 hour just to download a game ok

I would love to see some more characters that's already in smash or maybe everyone is smash ported to this game. Pirahna Plant is a must as well. And maybe koopa troopa so that we can have a goomba vs koopa vs pirahna plant. The three most classic enemies. I would also love to see King Boo here too because I would recreate Luigi's mansion final boss fight. And I would love to see Wubbox from My Singing Monsters here and Charles from Choo Choo Charles. Hope you read my comment and respond to it. It means a lot and I love this game. I've played this more than my other games now. Also Dr.Robotnik would be nice.  

seria bueno que compartiera el dev para ejecutarlo desde codeblock y seria bueno que se le agregara dev de mugen engine para que reconosca los chars y stages.

super smash bros crusade v0.9.5 full version coming yery soon


when it's finished, perhaps?

It would be great if they added Steve.

steve already in smash ultimate. just play that

have virus?


Hell nah

is there a full version?

There will be a full version, but it is still in development.

can you add Mr.L and Dr Luigi?

dark link we will be full version v0.9.5

I want to download mods for this game and I am confused about this, is the version 0.9.5 DEMO different than the version 0.9.5/9.5 as listed on some mods different or the same?

9.5 coming soon


add jujutsu kazen and jojo characters


Im going to get use to keyboard i hope it was controller supported


Hi! How do you uhh Play this game with WINE windows engine on Chromebook OS?


It triggered Windows Smartscreen, is this normal?

Yes, it happens on all new applications. Just click on the "More Info" (or maybe it's "read more") text and then click "Run Anyway".

It triggers because Windows does not know the publisher of the application.

sooo.. is it right you guys updated bowser right? because i saw a video on it


the game wont open it asks me wether i want to replace every file or not

I wonder where Dante and Dark Link are?

dante is separate and you can get him off gamebanana
dark link will be in the full 9.5 release

Hi, I tried to play in Mac and couldn't do it, but maybe my investigation will help someone achieve it.
If the Mac isn't M1 try using Wine to play the game (couldn't try if it works because it's a 32 bit .exe and in M1 you can't open those) If that doesn't work or if we want it to work on M1 Mac, I was almost able to make the game run using Porting kit. Maybe with the right configuration it could work, right know the first time you open it it works at halve the normal speed. If you close it after that, you'll get the "missing dll files error". Wine: https://wiki.winehq.org/Download Porting Kit: https://www.portingkit.com/download Hope this was helpful.

The official one isn't working at the moment, did they change itt?

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